Dog Breeds Inclined To Overweight

Dachshund - Labrador Retriever

Like humans, dogs love to eat, and some, unfortunately, don’t know when to stop. If you do not want your pet to develop health problems with the development of obesity, you should limit portions in accordance with the recommended amount, which is usually indicated on the packet of food. This is especially true for those dog breeds that gain weight very easily.

In the list below you will find dog breeds that are prone to gaining weight quickly. Their nutrition will have to be monitored especially carefully.

  1. Labrador Retriever

    It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Labradors need sufficient physical activity as they gain weight very easily. And it’s not just that they love to eat (although that too), but also that they are prone to thyroid problems. Therefore, be sure to monitor the diet of the Labrador and in no case overfeed it.

  2. Pug

    These babies are not very active, but they also love to eat. Therefore, this lifestyle easily leads to obesity. Watch your diet and walk more, play with the pug so that it uses up energy and does not grow a barrel.

  3. Rottweiler

    These dogs have an excellent appetite, and the powerful appearance misleads the owners that they need to feed the pet in large portions. But if the Rottweiler does not have enough physical activity, then he will gain weight very quickly.

  4. Corgi

    It is very difficult for these cute dogs to refuse: their plaintive look easily makes the owners treat them with treats or give them more food. But this should not be done – the corgi can very quickly turn into a ball. Dogs of this breed need to walk a lot in order to throw out all their energy and not get fat.

  5. Golden retriever

    In these dogs, scientists have found a special mutation that leads to obesity. That is why it is so important not to follow the lead of the retrievers and not to feed, otherwise health problems cannot be avoided.

  6. Newfoundland

    These dogs are considered moderately lazy, so owners should monitor their physical activity and nutrition. A lot of active walks and an optimal portion of food are the key to a good appearance of these dogs.

  7. Cocker Spaniel

    These active dogs do not have problems with laziness, but if the owners themselves are lazy and do not pay enough attention to walking and playing with a pet, then the spaniel can quickly gain excess weight, since these dogs love to eat.

  8. Dachshund

    These babies can easily be called gluttons they love to eat and always beg the owner for more food. Don’t fall for these provocations! Unfortunately, a very common picture: a barely walking dachshund, which looks more like a barrel than a dog.

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