Top 10 Easiest Trained Dog Breeds

Border Collie - Puppy

When choosing a dog, many people are concerned about the question of education: can they train a pet so that it is obedient, understands commands and does not bully. Trainability depends in part on breed, so below you will find a list of ten dog breeds that are considered the most easily trainable.

This rating was compiled by Professor of Psychology Stanley Coren, which he received as a result of research and communication with judges from American and Canadian kennel clubs. They evaluated the breeds in terms of understanding the commands and the time it took to complete them. The rating includes 80 breeds, but this does not mean that the breeds at the end of the list are stupid, they are just more independent and independent.

So which dogs train the fastest and easiest?

  1. Border Collie

    These dogs are considered to be among the smartest. They are very energetic and simply cannot sit around, so owners need to constantly come up with activities for their pets. These dogs need long walks and outdoor games. They are very easy to train, because they grasp all commands literally on the fly.

  2. Poodle

    It is believed that even a child can bring up this dog, since the poodle understands the owner literally at a glance. This dog is perfect for families with children because it is very patient and kind.

  3. German Shepherd

    The high intelligence of these dogs is widely known – it is not in vain that they serve in the police, army and other places where precise execution of commands and perfect obedience are required. They are very intelligent and loyal dogs.

  4. Golden retriever

    Another breed that, thanks to its learning ability, has become an excellent helper for people in various fields. Moreover, it is an ideal companion dog: kind, intelligent, affectionate and loyal.

  5. Doberman

    Unlike a poodle, this dog needs an adult, strong owner, children will definitely not cope with training a Doberman. Moreover, these dogs have high intelligence, they are famous for their intelligence and quick memorization of commands.

  6. Sheltie

    Shelties quickly learn new commands, they are active and enjoy playing sports. Suitable for families with children, because they easily get along with everyone and love communication.

  7. Labrador Retriever

    These friendly and trusting dogs get along well with everyone and are easy to train. They are docile, calm and people-oriented, therefore they are often used as guide dogs.

  8. Papillon

    These kids love to be in the spotlight, so they can easily learn various tricks. In addition, they can even learn on their own – it is enough for them to see something once and then repeat it.

  9. Rottweiler

    It is not for nothing that this breed is considered a service breed – Rottweilers are easily trained in commands and become reliable defenders. With proper training, this dog will be very obedient and affectionate.

  10. Australian shepherd

    They are very energetic and active dogs who will happily train and learn new commands. It is important for them to spend time with the owner, they should not be left alone for a long time, since they will miss.

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