Westies in Need for West Highland White Terriers (VIDEO)

Westies in Need for West Highland White Terriers who need Furever homes (VIDEO)

Corrie Yeoman, director of Westies in Need was inspired by Charlotte, her own little West Highland White Terrier who lead her into the world of this fun-loving, happy little breed of dog. In this video, she introduces the dog rescue organization and the work that it undertakes.

Westies in Need is a registered not for profit rescue, and the largest Westie rescue in Canada. We take any dog that comes in, either owner surrenders or from puppy mills; we pull from all the mills in the United States. As a matter of fact next two weeks we’re getting 3 dogs in from Taiwan that are being shipped in. So we take dogs from any all over the world we take in any Westie that is in need.

Westies are energy terriers

Westies are terriers so they have a lot of energy; they are a great breed, they are a lot of fun, they are a very happy little dog, and they are good cuddlers and they like to go for long walks. Westie-tude is what we call the attitude of the Westies.

Those are the westies that want to go into the water, go into the dirt, get completely dirty, have this big smile on their face and then have a lot of fun getting in your car and driving home. This is Westie-tude!

I believe the number 1 reason that we get dogs into rescue are people that may not have done quite enough homework and maybe don’t quite realize that terriers are a different kind of breed and have their own particular traits and characteristics.

In other cases, since they do live a long time, sometimes people have to surrender their dogs because of a change in life circumstances. No matter the reason for surrender, we’ve never turned down a West Highland Terrier that needs to be re-homed here at Westies in Need.

To find a West Highland White Terrier to adopt or foster, or to lend a hand and join Corrie in her work with the breed, visit Westies in Need