LOYAL Rescue Ontario

LOYAL Rescue Ontario

We are a member of Province of Ontario Rescue Directory
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We are a member of Helping Homeless Pets
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Organization Mission

Loyal Rescue Ontario is a private registered non-profit foster-based provincial dog rescue. We will help any dog in need that we can – regardless of breed, age, medical condition or place of birth.

Our mission is to find homes for dogs that find themselves homeless, either through abuse, neglect, being abandoned or born in a puppy mill. We feel a responsibility towards these unfortunate animals, and work to find new permanent, loving forever families for them.

What should I expect once I send in my application?

Stage 1 – Your application will undergo an initial review by a LOYAL volunteer and assigned to a screener. Within a few days of sending in your application, a LOYAL volunteer will be in touch with you to set up a telephone interview. This interview lasts 30-60 minutes.

Stage 2 – Your references – both veterinarian and personal will be contacted. The volunteer will then submit a report to the LOYAL adoptions committee. Once the results of the interview are in, and positive, LOYAL will request that a home visit be done.

Stage 3 – Depending on your location, the home visit may occur within days of the interview, or weeks later. If there are no LOYAL volunteers locally, we will request assistance from other rescue groups affiliated with us.

Rescue work is largely volunteer based and many people have family obligations beyond rescue which might limit their immediate availability to conduct the visit.

Approval and Adoption – Once the first 3 stages are complete and successful, the adoptions committee at LOYAL will notify you that you are “Approved to Adopt”.

If you have already given a home to an abandoned dog, then read our tips on how to make your walks better. Recommendations for choosing a walking bottle.