Top 7 Giant Dog Breeds

Tibetan Mastiff - English Mastiff

In metropolitan areas, people usually prefer to have miniature pets, since the size of the apartment often does not allow to have someone large. But residents of country houses can even afford the breed from the list below. If you really want a big dog, then here’s a list of the biggest ones.

  1. English mastiff

    These dogs are considered the largest in body weight in the world. The average weight of such a mastiff is 60-90 kg. Representatives of this breed are very calm, slow and passive. They can be very stubborn, because of this, they are not so easy to train, but this must be done.

  2. German dog

    These tall dogs (up to 90 cm tall at the withers!) Are excellent companions, they are affectionate, calm and patient. It is better to train them with a dog handler and socialize in time. The dog will be an excellent guardian and protector of the family.

  3. Leonberger

    This giant is very calm and friendly. He is obedient and patient, so he is perfect for families with children. It is easy to train, so this breed can be chosen even by those who have never had a dog before. In caring for this dog, special attention will need to be paid to the coat – it needs to be combed out often and carefully.

  4. Anatolian Shepherd

    These large dogs are great guards. They are strongly attached to one master, and behave with restraint with other people. This shepherd must be trained, preferably with a dog handler, otherwise it will easily dominate everyone in the family. She also requires a lot of walking and physical activity, in no case should she be constantly tethered.

  5. Newfoundland

    These dogs are very kind and patient, they are free from aggression and love their family very much. In addition, such a pet easily gets along with other animals: dogs, cats and even small rodents. These giants are especially sensitive to children, so they will become good “nannies”.

  6. Tibetan mastiff

    This dog breed is one of the oldest in the world. Despite their imposing appearance, these dogs are very affectionate and loyal to the family. But they need training and socialization.

  7. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

    These dogs are very intelligent, but have a difficult character. They are too independent, so the owner will have to show his leadership qualities in order to become an authority in the eyes of this dog. But if this can be achieved, then the shepherd will become a loyal and obedient friend.

Photo of dogs: English Mastiff, Great Dane, Leonberger, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Newfoundland, Tibetan Mastiff, Caucasian Shepherd Dog

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