Featured Rescue Danes in Distress Saves Lives, Big Time!

Featured Rescue Danes in Distress Saves Lives, Big Time!

If you want to get involved with Danes in Distress, you’ll find they have a wonderful group of volunteers, it’s a family type atmosphere, and they’re all in it for the same thing — the love of the dogs. Jim Wood tells us more in this Furever video interview.

The satisfaction of seeing a dog re-homed that would otherwise have been euthanized, or gone to a breeding facility, that’s the only the only remuneration the volunteers like Jim Wood get from running the Danes in Distress dog rescue.

Interview with Danes in Distress Volunteer Jim Wood

But that’s fine by Jim, cause for him, that’s what its all about. If you want to get involved with Danes in Distress, you’ll find they have a wonderful group of volunteers, it’s a family type atmosphere, every one of them have Danes and they all love Danes … they’re all in it for the same thing, love of the dogs.

More About Danes in Distress

Jim Wood is the the president of Danes in Distress which is a rescue organization based in Ontario.

The organization was launched in 1956. Of course we weren’t around at that time but there are a number of volunteers that have taken over over the years to keep the group going and I took over in 2000 from the previous woman, whose name was Pat Whetstone.

The organization covers all of Ontario and also helps sister rescue groups nationally.  Quebec is the puppy mill capital of Canada. And what we’ve been instrumental in helping is closing down a number of puppy mills in the Quebec area.

We’re always on the look out for puppy mills in Ontario, and we’re constantly working behind the scenes to get adequate action to take them to the appropriate authorities.

When a Dane comes into foster the length of time its actually in the foster home depends on a number of factors:

  • any medical issues,
  • does the dog have to be spayed,
  • neutered,
  • vaccinated.

And there is a recovery period for any of the spaying or neutering and usually that’s 10 days so and its usually a week or so prior before we can get that appointment made for spaying or neutering. So in that case we’re looking at three weeks for a dog that requires all that. Other dogs require more extensive vetting.

Health Features of Danes

Medical issues that are involved with Great Danes are bloat and gastric problems, the breed is one of the most susceptible to the bloat . Very expensive vet-wise. That’s another reason why people give them up, because of the vet cost.

When you’ve got a Chihuahua and you have to get medication for it, it ends up costing you 20 dollars because meds are predicated on weight. However, when you have a Great Dane weighing 190 pounds the medication bills will be somewhat elevated!


There are many many requirements for adopting a Dane, and there are reasons for every one of them. One of the many stipulations we have for the adoptive homes is the dog is not to be left alone for extended periods of time. Simply because of the possibility of bloat and subsequent gastric distress. If you have a dog, take care of the water while walking. The best bottles are shown here.

A Dane can actually die within a 2 hour period if you are not there to get it medical attention. And even though you get it medical attention, its not 100% guaranteed that its going to pull through.  Fenced yards are another one in urban properties.

We have had a number of dogs, not recently thank goodness, this is why the policy was formulated, we had a number of dogs that did get out from supposedly secure areas that weren’t secure. Now we actually do a home check to verify your application and make sure that the area is secure and the dog can’t get out.