Easy to Confuse: Dog Breeds Similar To Each Other

Pekingese - Tibetan spaniel

Sometimes it is difficult to understand what kind of dog is in front of you, because some of them are very similar. In this collection, we have collected several couples whose appearance is almost identical. Check yourself – could you immediately understand which breed is in front of you?

  1. Pekingese and Japanese Chin

    These small dogs can look very similar in appearance. But there are still differences: the Pekingese are larger, they have a flatter muzzle, and they can be both long-haired and short-haired, while the Chin’s hair is long and the muzzle is more pointed.

    Left to right: Pekingese and Japanese Chin

  2. St. Bernard and Moscow Watchdog

    These breeds are also easy to confuse with each other. But if you look closely, you can see the following differences: the Moscow watchdog’s head is not so wide, and the body is more elongated, and it itself is generally smaller than the St. Bernard. Their color is also slightly different: the St. Bernard has a more saturated red hue.

    From left to right: St. Bernard and Moscow Watchdog

  3. Russian toy terrier and Prague rat

    Here, too, the difference, although there is, is insignificant, so you cannot immediately figure out who is in front of you. The ears of the toy terrier are triangular in shape, and the Prague ratter is more muscular and long.

    Left to right: Russian Toy Terrier and Prague Rattle

  4. Collie and Sheltie

    With these breeds it is a little easier: the difference that immediately catches your eye is the size of the animals. The height of the Sheltie is 35-37 cm, and the Collie is 46-60 cm. But, despite this, Shelties are often considered collie puppies. Although these dogs also differ in muzzle – in the collie it is narrower and longer, and in the Sheltie it is shorter and wider.

    From left to right: collie and sheltie

  5. Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute

    If you put these dogs next to each other, then their differences become immediately noticeable: the huskies are smaller, they have long and thin paws, they are more powerful in the malamute. The husky’s coat is soft, it does not bristle, and the Malamute’s coat is hard and sticking out.

    Left to right: Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute

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