Dog Breeds That Are Not Suitable For Families With Children

Dog Breeds That Are Not Suitable For Families With Children

Children often beg for a dog from their parents. But not all dog breeds love children and can get along with them. Therefore, if you have a child and you are choosing a pet, be sure to read this article – here we have collected popular dog breeds that are not suitable for children.

  1. Akita Inu and Shiba Inu

    These Japanese breeds are becoming more and more popular in our country every year. But they are not at all as cute as they might seem at first glance. Akita and Shiba are distrustful of strangers, they can show aggression towards both other dogs and children. Of course, they are unlikely to harm family members, but, for example, if friends come to visit the child, the dog may react badly to this.

    shiba inu akita - Spitz

    Akita (left) and shiba (right)

  2. Chihuahua

    It is better not to start this breed if you have a small child, for several reasons at once. First, the Chihuahua is the smallest dog, and a child can accidentally harm her. Secondly, these dogs themselves are like children – they are very attached to the owner and can begin to be jealous of him for the child. And this, in turn, will easily result in aggression.

    In fact, for the same reasons, you should not have other small dogs, such as the Toy Terrier , Papillon and Russian Toy .

    chihuahua setting - Pug


  3. Dalmatian

    These hyperactive dogs do not get along well with children. In addition, Dalmatians are difficult to train, so you need to be patient with them. They need to be socialized in time so that they do not grow into aggressive and uncontrollable dogs.

    top 10 dog breeds in india - Australian Shepherd


  4. Alabai

    Special attention should be paid to the upbringing of Alabai, because this breed is prone to dominance. She needs an owner who can show who is in charge in the house and gain authority. Otherwise, the dog will not obey him and may show excessive aggression.

    Wolf hunting with dogs


  5. Pekingese

    This dog is capricious and loves attention, so it is not ready to share it with anyone else. Pekingese dislike children because they do not like familiarity and excessive affection.

    tibetan spaniel - Snout


Of course, with the right upbringing, any dog can get along with a child. But there are dogs that seem to be created to live in families with children. We have separate articles about them: “The best dog breeds for children” and ” Top 5 dog breeds for children: the opinion of dog handlers “.